DRIVE BY TRUCKERS Brighter Than Creation’s Dark

A1 Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife 3:06
A2 3 Dimes Down 3:19
A3 The Righteous Path 4:13
A4 I’m Sorry Huston 3:11
A5 Perfect Timing 2:57
B1 Daddy Needs A Drink 3:48
B2 Self Destructive Zones 4:12
B3 Bob 2:15
B4 Home Field Advantage 5:01
B5 The Opening Act 6:45
C1 Lisa’s Birthday 3:19
C2 That Man I Shot 6:03
C3 The Purgatory Line 3:48
C4 The Home Front 3:15
C5 Checkout Time In Vegas 2:40
D1 You And Your Crystal Meth 2:19
D2 Goode’s Field Road 5:28
D3 A Ghost To Most 4:39
D4 The Monument Valley 4:31


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