DJ QUIK, Rhythm-a-lism, 2 X LP

If you had any doubts this album proves it – Dante Blake a.k.a DJ Quik is genius, a master, one of the greatest rap producers ever. Like on every album he drops he takes West Coast rap to another level. His rapping skills combined with his musical talent make him a unique figure in the rap game. Rhythmalism is Quik’s fourth album and this album has 16 tracks. 12 of them are just BRILLIANT!! A PIECE OF ART.  Listen to tracks such as “I used to know her”, “Speed” or the incredible “Down, Down, Down” and you’ll be amazed of Quik’s ability to come tight and original every time. How does he do that?!! The album has also a lot of strong guest appearences by AMG, 2nd II Noone, Suga Free, Hi-C, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Nate Dogg and others. If you want to hear some REAL rap West Coast music, something unique and different, then get this CD! You’ll start feeling it right away! It’s just music that makes you feel good. How often can you say that about a rap album?…


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