CURE Seventeen Seconds

A1 A Reflection
A2 Play For Today
A3 Secrets
A4 In Your House
A5 Three
A6 I’m A Cult Hero
A7 I Dig You
B1 The Final Sound
B2 A Forest
B3 M
B4 At Night
B5 Seventeen Seconds
B6 Another Journey By Train
C1 A Reflection (Live)
C2 Play For Today (Live)
C3 Secrets (Home Demo)
C4 In Your House (Live)
C5 Three (At Studio Mix)
C6 I’m A Cult Hero (Live)
D1 The Final Sound (Live)
D2 A Forest (Live)
D3 M (Live)
D4 At Night (Night)
D5 Seventeen Seconds (Live)
D6 I Dig You (Live)


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