CURE Pornography DOUBLE LP

1982 Fiction This Compilation
2008 Lilith Records Ltd

Vinyl Lovers deluxe 180 gram 2LP with 8 bonus tracks.
A1 One Hundred Years
A2 A Short Term Effect
A3 The Hanging Garden
A4 Siamese Twins
B1 The Figurehead
B2 A Strange Day
B3 Cold
B4 Pornography
C1 Temptation Two (Aka LGTB)
C2 Airlock / The Soundtrack
C3 Cold (Live)
D1 A Strange Day (Live)
D2 Pornography (Live)
D3 All Mine (Live)
D4 A Short Term Effect (Live)
D5 Siamese Twins (Live)


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contains live LP