CRASS Christ – The Album BOX SET

Christ – The Album A1 Have A Nice Day 3:05A2 Mother Love 3:44A3 Nineteen Eighty Bore 3:05A4 I Know There Is Love 2:55A5 Beg Your Pardon 3:13A6 Birth Control ‘n’ Rock ‘n’ Roll 2:53A7 Reality Whitewash 2:55B1 It’s The Greatest Working Class Rip-Off 4:12B2 Deadhead 1:58B3 You Can Be Who? 3:11B4 Buy Now Pay As You Go 2:23B5 Rival Tribal Revel Rebel (Pt. 2) 3:17B6 Bumhooler 3:07B7 Sentiment (White Feathers) 3:48B8 Major General Despair 3:49 Well Forked – But Not Dead C1 Banned From The Roxy 2:59C2 The Sound Of One Hand 1:29C3 Punk Is Dead 1:58C4 Nagasaki Nightmare 4:30C5 Darling 1:49C6 Bata Motel Blues 0:26C7 Berkertex Bribe 1:41C8 Fold It In Half 0:58C9 Big Hands 0:35C10 Heart-Throb Of The Mortuary 1:37C11 Bumhooler 2:16C12 Big A Little A 4:32C13 First Woman 1:02D1 Arlington 73 1:25D2 Bomb Plus Bomb Tape 4:03D3 Contaminational Power 1:45D4 I Ain’t Thick 1:52D5 G’s Song 0:29D6 Securicor 1:41D7 I Can’t Stand It 1:48D8 Shaved Women 2:35D9 A Part Of Life 0:45D10 Do They Owe Us A Living 1:18D11 So What 1:26D12 Salt ‘n’ Pepper 2:13


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