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After getting his major debut in the group The Madd Circle, with west coast rapper, WC, Coolio came out with his solo debut It Takes A Thief back in 1994. His debut was able to blend in with the popular west coast rap scene around that time. Here Coolio takes you through a tale of stories before he became a recording artist. The album’s concept is interesting, but at the same time, gets kind of repetitive. But the overall product is highly enjoyable for one fan to like.

With the lead single “Fantastic Voyage”, Coolio creates a track for one to bounce to. “County Line”, and “Mama I’m In Love With A Gangsta”, he rhymes about being broke and being locked away for some time. The latter track features up and coming rapper Leshaun (you might recognize her from LL Cool J’s “Doin’ It”) who drops an okay verse. Further down the album are tracks like “Can-O-Corn”, and “Sticky Fingers” where he reminisces over times he used to shoplift to get by in life. The album’s title track is one of the biggest highlights on the album as Coolio tells stories on how he used to rob people for their goods. “N Da Closet” is another standout, as he explains about the effects of his drug habit. The end of the album “I Remember” is another great track that features J-Ro from the Alkaholiks, and Billy Boy.

Given that this is an excellent album, Coolio missteps on such songs like “Ghetto Cartoon”, and “On My Way To Harlem”. Both tracks are one of the few that failed to standout in my opinion.

Overall Coolio’s debut was a great album. Coolio sounds very motivated and hungry as he strives to keep his lyrical content above the average. I enjoyed the content that he placed here on this album, and it will keep a listener interested. Given that this is out of print, and only sells for a penny, this is one purchase I would recommend, especially those who are new to Coolio and are on the fence about his material. Peace.


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