The British band Conjurer presents their second studio album “Pathos”. While the predecessor “Mire” was still a bit half-baked, this album is coherent and homogeneous in itself. The mix of styles mentioned as the headline should particularly appeal to fans of the following bands: Cult Of Luna, Converge and Fit For An Autopsy. The album, which is just over 50 minutes long, contains 7 longer songs (6.5 – 7.5 minutes) and a short track.

Even though the album features predominantly ultra-hard, often distorted guitar riffs, as well as the mix of Growls and Keif vocals, and lots of double bass and blast beats attacks, there are also quieter, often acoustic passages on each song with a touch of melancholy.
Despite all the harshness, Conjurers do not forego melodies, even if this doesn’t seem so superficial. In addition, clear vocals are interspersed on two songs and female chanting is interspersed on one song.

Due to the constant interplay between ultra-hard and almost gentle passages, as well as the frequent tempo and vocals changes, “Pathos” has become an extremely varied album.
In the following I briefly go into the individual songs:
“It Dwells” (7:06): After a relatively short acoustic intro, it gets straight to business with heavy, distorted guitar riffs and alternating growls and Keif vocals. The song contains 3 instrumental passages: One quiet and two hard, with blastbeat attacks.
“Rot” (6:19): The first 72 seconds are more worn and gentle, but then “Rot” becomes the hardest, even sinister song on the album. A real neck breaker!
“In Your Wake” (6:40): For me, the absolute highlight of the album. This song impresses with majestic doom metal and – as with many songs – releases a large number of melancholy melodies, supported by keyboards, on the listener. The gentler passages in particular are once again excellently staged, thanks in part to Will Putney’s great production.
“Cracks In The Pyre” (7:23) is introduced by a 1.5-minute gentle and melancholy intro before continuing with stomping doom riffs. The instrumental passage from minute 4:05 to 5:04 has a first gentle and a second rough half.
“All You Will Remember” (7:25): A particularly varied song: Growls, Keif vocals, clear vocals and female chanting can be heard. In the course of the song, gentle, atmospheric and hard-hitting passages alternate constantly.
“Those Years” (7:39): After an almost lovely 73-second intro, it gets down to business: Heavy, distorted guitar riffs, growls, Keif vocals and murderous blast beats patter down on the listener. From minute 4:30 to 5:34, there is then a gentle, instrumental breather. At minute 5:54, there is an abrupt but skillful change of motif and the song becomes more melodic, also due to discreet keyboard use. From minute 7 onwards, the song sounds brutally hard.

Conclusion: A hard, varied album that, despite all its harshness, also allows melodies and that is very homogeneous and comes without a single weak point. Highly recommended!

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