COCTEAU TWINS Stars And Topsoil 2 X LP

A1 Blind Dumb Deaf 3:47A2 Sugar Hiccup 3:41A3 My Love Paramour 3:38A4 Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops 4:11A5 Lorelei 3:43B1 Pandora 5:26B2 Aikea-Guinea 3:57B3 Pink Orange Red 4:38B4 Pale Clouded White 4:59C1 Lazy Calm 6:34C2 The Thinner The Air 3:16C3 Orange Appled 2:50C4 Cico Buff 3:46D1 Carolyn’s Fingers 3:06D2 Fifty-Fifty Clown 3:11D3 Iceblink Luck 3:18D4 Heaven Or Las Vegas 4:55D5 Watchlar 3:17


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A Collection (1982-1990)