CIBO MATTO Viva! La Woman

Comes with an with insert with lyrics/credits.Golden hype sticker reads: “Limited Numbered Edition Of 1000 Translucent Red Coloured Copies. Includes An Insert. 180 gram audiophile vinyl.” Published by Soul Urchin Songs except where indicated below:-A2: Contains sample of “Vivre Pour Vivre” performed by Francis Lai, courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.A3: Contains the following samples: “Hung Up” performed by Paul Weller, courtesy of Go! Discs Ltd; “Sospesi Nel Ciero”, performed by Ennio Moriccone, courtesy of CAM/SRL Recordings. Soul Urchin Songs/CAM Cine TV Music Inc. ASCAPA5: Contains sample of “Tin Tin Deo” performed by Machito and his Afro Cuban jazz ensemble, courtesy of Charley Records.B3: Trademark Music Inc. BMI.B4: Contains sample of “Caravan” performed by Duke Ellington, used courtesy of Sony Music.Recorded @ Sunset Sound Factory, Electric Ladyland Studio, and some other places.Except vocals on “White Pepper Ice Cream” and “The Candy Man,” horns, voices recorded @ yuka’s thumb-sucking crib by ha’self.Mastered @ Gateway Studios.A1 Apple 3:59A2 Beef Jerky 2:25A3 Sugar Water 4:29A4 White Pepper Ice Cream 5:10A5 Theme 10:50B1 Birthday Cake 3:15B2 Know Your Chicken 4:21B3 The Candy Man 3:12B4 Le Pain Perdu 3:27B5 Artichoke 6:38


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No. 288 / 1000 COLOR VINYL