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This is an album for music fans. People who like Marvin Gaye. People who like the Beatles. People who like Kanye West. The album is going to gain most of the negative votes due to its genre. The music is much more of fusion of funk, rock, electronic, and R&B than anything else (to the disgust of the rap fans who were hoping for a Gambino mix tape kind of vibe).
This is his best album bar none. His mix tapes are mixed bags. This contains a very finished product with some songs going through several progressions, all sonically linked and yet distinct and interesting.
There are definite Pink Floyd vibes  in this, a la Dark Side of the Moon. There’s also some Beatles vibes, a la She’s So Heavy. However, it’s not ripping anything off. It’s not repackaged nostalgia. It’s a definitely unique, original, and novel album. The sound itself encompasses a lot of the pop music sounds of the last 50 years in a way that is supremely impressing.  For rap fans, Life of Pablo and Blonde are probably better albums in the sense of being hip hop albums. There are definitely aspects of the album that speak to a soul and funk influence, but I would be hard pressed to call the album a soul album or an R&B album.
That said, to any real music fans, you really should get this album. I can’t express enough how impressed I was to find that Gambino put out an album that musically is more impressive than any other I’ve heard this year (perhaps barring Blonde, but maybe not). 5/5


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