RAY CHARLES, Genius Loves Company, LP RSD 22

Genius Loves Company is great in stereo but its incredible in surround sound, the music opens up and the dynamic among the artists is more transparent, more alive. You hear Billy Prestons Hammond B3 in its own channel. There is an eighty-piece orchestra, a gospel choir and a horn section. In surround sound you can hear each instrument. Because there is more space in a surround field, you can hear the trumpet and the trombone separately-with each instrument occupying its own space in stereo its all pressed together. In surround sound its larger-than-life. Genius Loves Company won eight Grammy Awards, joining the rarefied company of Michael Jacksons Thriller and Santanas Superstition. It is the first winner of the “Best Surround Mix” Grammy, and its easy to understand why. In surround Sound you hear more character and passion. It allows you to explore the relationships between the artists. You really feel like you are in the company of Ray Charles.


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