CASH, JOHHNY Sun Singles Collection

A1 Hey Porter 2:14
A2 Cry! Cry! Cry! 2:27
A3 Folsom Prison Blues 2:50
A4 So Doggone Lonesome 2:37
A5 I Walk The Line 2:43
A6 Get Rhythm 2:13
A7 Train Of Love 2:24
A8 There You Go 2:18
A9 Next In Line 2:44
B1 Don’t Make Me Go 2:28
B2 Home Of The Blues 2:40
B3 Give My Love To Rose 2:41
B4 Ballad Of A Teenage Queen 2:12
B5 Big River 2:31
B6 Guess Things Happen That Way 1:50
B7 Come In Stranger 1:41
B8 The Ways Of A Woman In Love 2:15
B9 You’re The Nearest Thing To Heaven 2:40
C1 It’s Just About Time 2:09
C2 I Just Thought You’d Like To Know 2:24
C3 Luther Played The Boogie 2:05
C4 Thanks A Lot 2:37
C5 Katy Too 1:58
C6 I Forgot To Remember To Forget 1:53
C7 Goodbye Little Darlin’ 2:15
C8 You Tell Me 1:19
C9 Straight A’s In Love 2:15
C10 I Love You Because 2:27
D1 The Story Of A Broken Heart 2:10
D2 Down The Street To 301 2:05
D3 Mean-Eyed Cat 2:29
D4 Port Of Lonely Hearts 2:36
D5 Oh Lonesome Me 2:28
D6 Life Goes On 2:00
D7 Sugartime 1:49
D8 My Treasure 1:14
D9 Blue Train 2:03
D10 Born To Lose 2:18


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