R.L. BURNSIDE, Worried Blues, LP

Burnside first began playing and singing the blues in the 1950s, but, with the exception of his tenure in Chicago, he is one of the few artists who did not leave his home state permanently to pursue musical fame in the North and West. R.L. is a Mississippi bluesman born and bred and remained an indelible part of the birthplace of the tradition. It is in the present album of his work, recorded in 1969 by Adelphi Records Gene Rosenthal, that we become aware of Burnside forging his own language from the influences of Fred, John Lee, Lightnin and Muddy. These lost sessions demonstrate the circuitous path of an artist in search of his own voice, wandering about absorbing the shadows of those he most admires. These sessions fill out the sketchy picture of R.L. Burnside as a blues artist in the early phases of his development, finding his own voice in a blend of influences tempered by his unique experiences and talent. At the time of these recordings he could only have dreamed that the music he had always loved would eventually become his life and professional world.


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