BOB MARLEY Sun Is Shining 3 X LP

Sleeve notes:Before Bob Marley came on the scene, many in Britain dismissed reggae as either the stuff of one-hit wonders or skinhead dance music. Now it is recognised as influential style, which has not only sold millions of records worldwide but had a major effect on the mainstream. But only a few of his fans realise the man’s recording career was as lengthy as it was: though he died aged just 36 in 1981, he’d been active in the studio since 1962 onwards. Despite some of the tracks featured here would be re-recorded on later albums, these ‘prototypes’ exhibit a rough-hewn, soulful feeling. We all knew his music was timeless; this was but further proof.A1 Sun Is Shining 2:13A2 Soul Rebel 3:45A3 How Many Times 2:25A4 Lively Up Yourself 2:52A5 Don’t Rock My Boat 4:31A6 Soul Shakedown 3:10B1 Fussing And Fighting 2:28B2 There She Goes 2:33B3 Stop That Train 2:21B4 Duppy Conqueror 3:30B5 Try Me 2:49B6 Caution 2:45C1 Trenchtown Rock 2:58C2 Stand Alone 2:09C3 400 Years 2:33C4 Mellow Mood 2:33C5 Hammer 2:53C6 Reaction 2:43D1 Small Axe 3:44D2 Keep On Moving 3:06D3 Cheer Up 3:04D4 Put It On 3:07D5 Touch Me 3:09D6 Chances Are 3:18E1 Keep On Movin’ 4:58E2 Don’t Rock My Boat 4:21E3 Brain Washing 4:29E4 African Herbsman 3:13E5 Kaya 4:56E6 Mr. Brown 4:58F1 Sun Is Shining 4:54F2 Soul Rebel 4:31F3 Riding High 4:34F4 Put It On 4:53F5 Don’t Rock My Boat 4:59F6 Fussin’ And Fightin’ 4:00


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