BESTIAL PUTREFACTION Eternal Flesh Ripping Chaos

Gore Drenched Barbarism EP
A1 Barbaric Butchery Of Christian Scum 1:53
A2 Gore-Drenched Barbarism 0:26
A3 M134 Minigun Firing To The Face 0:43
A4 Stomping Pious Faces Into Bloody Pulp 1:19
A5 Satan’s Slaughterhouse 0:52
A6 Defecating Baptized Newborns 0:53
A7 Gore Heathens Of The Apocalypse 1:13
A8 Invoker Of Infinite Enmity 1:12
A9 Impetuous Warpath Proclaimed 1:11
A10 Decapitated Throat Holy Fukking 0:48
A11 Diabolical Force Inferno 0:57
A12 Flamethrowers To The Cowards 1:02
A13 Summoning The Gods Of Savagery 0:56
A14 Eternal Fleshripping Chaos 0:29
A15 Rotting Stench From The Trenches 1:08
A16 Weaponized Zombies From Hell 0:40
A17 Blood-Splattered Jehovah Obliteration 1:34
B1 Vomited Chaos 0:56
B2 Rites Of Butchery 1:01
B3 Regurgitated Thorns 0:53
B4 Hordes Of Gore 0:47
B5 Heretic Noose 0:59
B6 Entrails Of Hate 1:10
B7 Cruel Malevolence 1:14
B8 Primitive Pathology 2:15
B9 Christ Dismemberment 2:02


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