Bent Arcana LP S/T

This is the first interstellar transmission from five days of electrified & improvised sessions recorded at Stu-Stu-Studio, edited down to 40 minutes for your earballs.

Bent Arcana is the inceptive chapter in what I hope to be several releases showcasing these types of off-the-cuff musical compositions. So you can try your fry on and turn off. This one is very much on the ECM / 70s hard fusion / prog-kraut tip. It is a many pronged weapon, swung by the spontaneous sentinel.


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Bent Arcana LP S/T

A1 The Gate
A2 Outré Sorcellerie
A3 Misanthrope Gets Lunch
B1 Mimi
B2 Oblivion Sigil
B3 Sprites