AVR, Sankofa, LP

Sankofa is the debut album by Avr (Alvaro Silva), a work that takes form through the research and fusion of Candombe and other Afro rhythms from Río de la Plata region with hip-hop and Black American Music. Avr, the great-grandson of Juan Julio Arrascaeta (one of the first Afro-descendant poets to be published in Latin America) writes throughout the album, using several “Africanisms” and lost words that date back from colonial and slavery times, giving the lyrics a connection with his great-grandfather’s work, introducing himself as a skillful MC who travels through past, present, and future while using several Candombe rhythms in his flow. Highlighting several personalities from the Afro-Uruguayan culture and from across the American continent, it also presents itself as a valuable work for those interested in researching cultural figures of Black America, especially, Uruguayan. Under the production of Felipe Fuentes, an album knitted with tons of messages, some direct, some to be discovered, came to life. Sankofa means “to look back, to go forward” which is exactly from the beginning what this musical journey is, from a very heavy and dense, ancestral, drum presence, to complex harmonic compositions and arrangements, a work that counts with important contributions of some of the main Afro-Uruguayan artists. A musical “guiso” (South American stew), Sankofa is the vision of the world of a young black male, his way of feeling and interpreting the past, present, and future; and how to transform it in order to generate something new. Includes contributions by Hugo Fattoruso and Ruben Rada.


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