AMANDA PALMER There Will Be No Intermission

A1 All The Things
A2 The Ride
A3 Congratulations
A4 Drowning In The Sound
A5 Hold On Tight, Darling
B1 The Thing About Things
B2 Life’s Such A Bitch Isn’t It
B3 Judy Blume
B4 Feeding The Dark
B5 Bigger On The Inside
C1 There Will Be No Intermission
C2 Machete
C3 You Know The Statistics
C4 Voicemail For Jill
C5 You’d Think I’d Shot Their Children
D1 A Mother’s Confession
D2 They’re Saying Not To Panic
D3 Look Mummy, No Hands
D4 Intermission Is Relative
D5 Death Thing


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