The fuzz freaked psych heads among you might want to divvy up your Record Store Day cash stash and earmark some of it to securing one of the 1000 only split 10 inch releases from the cool as f*** Fuzz Club imprint. A killer release it’s the sixth instalment in their ongoing face off series which this time sets up a no holds barred confrontation between A Place To Bury Strangers and the legendary Telescopes.

Recent pairings have seen the gathering of titans such as Alan Vega with Vacant Lots and the Black Angels with Sonic Jesus, but this twinset just wipes the floor with the previous competition.

Fresh from their recent ‘Transfixation’ set – A Place To Bury Strangers stump up the previously unreleased ‘Down the Stairs’ . It’s a freakin’ three and a half minute scuzz storm which to these ears sounds not unlike a prime time ‘Psychocandy’ era Jesus and Mary Chain heading a full steer into some psychosis shrieked oblivion, whilst haloed in all manner of speaker melting feedback howls.

In recent times The Telescopes have been off navigating hitherto unchartered territories and discovering new sonic worlds by way of their extended odyssey into noise, drone and beyond. They return now to reclaim their vacated seat as one of the key note purveyors of psyche in recent memory with a frankly head trashing cover of The Stooges hallowed ‘I Wanna Be your Dog’. Which is in short, an uber cooled slab of hazily haloed loss of reality stirred in frenzied blurs of garage blues from which it dissipates. It’s so shitfaced, stoned, ravaged, wired, dirty and decadent your synapses will think they’ve undergone some kind of psychoactive shock therapy.

Mark Barton (God Is In The TV & The Sunday Experience)

Fuzz Clubs split series has become essential buying recently, with number five in the series featuring Texas Psych godfathers The Black Angels and Italian Psych rockers Sonic Jesus and for number six they’ve really surpassed themselves, inviting two of the greatest noise rock bands on the planet – New York City’s A Place to Bury Strangers, and former Creation wall of sound favourites The Telescopes to go head to head. It’s out on Wednesday the 15th of April on 1000 copies10inch vinyl (200 of which orange vinyl)

From arguably New York City’s loudest band comes the unreleased single Down the Stairs, and it lives up to its billing, this primal shoegaze soaked in feedback and this brutal simplicity is accompanied by guitar screams and squeals as eventually the vocal enters, dark – almost whispered and often obscured by the intensity of whats going on over the top, but it somehow adds a depth to things.

On the flip side, The Telescopes take on The Stooges I wanna be your dog – kicking it through this midlands shroud of echo and clouds of feedback, before dragging it over the angsty guitars on show to rival its illustrious creators. Its, in a word, fantastic.

All hail Fuzz Club Records.


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