Money $hot Your Re-Load - (2016)

All songs Except Smoke And Mirrors

- Written By -
MJ Keenan, Mat Mitchell, and Carina Round

Smoke And Mirrors

- Written By -
MJ Keenan and Mat Mitchell
- Mastered by -
Dave Collins
- Project Management -
Dino Paredes For Suretone Entertainment
- Publicity -
Monica Siede for Speakeasy PR
- Booking -
John Branigan for WME
- Legal -
Peter Paterno For King, Holmes, Paterno & Soriano, LLP
- Business Management -
Bill Vuylsteke And Martha Liermann for Provident Financial
- Illustrations By -
Jeremy Packer at Zombie Yeti Studios
- Layout / Design -
El Guapo

Merkin Music ASCAP, Puscifer Music ASCAP, Carina Round Music PRS/ASCAP


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We’d like to thank immediate and extended families for all of their patience, guidance, and faith in our collective vision. And of course a healthy high five to all of you who have been so supportive along and throughout out twisted path and journey. Thank you all from the bottom of our often inappropriate but well meaning hearts. – MJ Keenan and Puscifer

Thanks: Apogee Digital, Blue Microphones, Buchla and Associates, Dave Smith Instruments, Fender Musical Instruments, Matchless Amps, Mesa Boogie, RJM Music, Malekko Heavy Industry, Kemper Amps, Beyer Dynamic, Elektron and Eventide