VARIOUS The Dynospectrum 3 X LP

Tracks F1 to F3 are unreleased bonus tracks.Packaged in a 12″ Gatefold Jacket with 8-panel accordion fold-out poster.Pressed on A/B Effect Colored Vinyl.Free Digital Download Card Including Instrumentals MP3´s.A1 You Can Lose Your Mind 4:59A2 Introspectrum 2:07A3 Headphone Static 3:56A4 Permanent On Surfaces 5:06B1 Breath Of Fresh 4:51B2 The Winter Moon 5:29B3 Brief Interlude 0:40C1 Appearing Live 5:34C2 Southside Myth 4:48C3 Traction 4:06D1 Decompression Chamber 4:43D2 Evidence Of Things Not Seen 4:24D3 Superior Friends 3:56D4 I Wouldn’t Want You To Die Uninformed 3:05E1 Tenfold 5:08E2 Anything Is Everything 4:53E3 Armor 6:43F1 Mass Exodus 4:54F2 He Who Dies With The Most Toys 3:53F3 Obstacles 5:27


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20th Anniversary Edition