A nice early 80s On-U sound comp – featuring a range of artists, most of whom never put out full length LPs for the label! Similar to the early Pay It All Back series, this one’s pretty varied – with a couple of cuts of the sort of dubby post punk funk which has come back around – think 9 O’clock Drop compilaton by Andy Weatherall, or the In the Beginning compilation on Soul Jazz – “The Dice” by Judy Nylon, “Dreams Are Better” by London Underground and “Demonic Forces” by Alan Pellay. It also features some spacey On-U ethno dub in the more African Head Charge vein – including “Asian Rebel” by the Suns of Arqa and “Afghani Dub” by the Mothmen. There’s also some roots oriented tracks, “Woodpecker Sound” by Jah Woosh and “Quante’ Jubila” by Prince Far I & Creation Rebel. A nice slice of leftfield London underground history!


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