RATT, Reach For The Sky, LP USED

Special Deluxe Collector’s Edition. Digitally remastered edition of the L.A. melodic hard rock band’s 1988 album. Ratt’s raise to fame and presumably fortune was meteoric. Kicking around Southern California in various forms since the mid 70’s the band fully gelled in 1981, with the independent release of a well-received debut mini album, which quickly led to a coveted recording contract with label giant Atlantic Records. Their debut album Out Of The Cellar exploded out of the box ultimately reaching sales in excess of double platinum. It was a level of success that few had predicted, elevating the band to MTV regulars and selling out arena tours. But it was a level of achievement that was not increasing as further records saw the band maintaining rather than expanding their profile. By the time of this album (their fourth) interest was still high, but the stellar achievements of the past were becoming a fast fading memory. Reach For The Sky, originally released in late 1988 and produced in the main by Mike Stone (Journey, Queen and Whitesnake), found the band in familiar musical territory, a style based on big hooks, shout-it-out-loud vocals and razor sharp riffs. It was the sound of the times alright, and although performing well (attaining Platinum status) the band was feeling the strain of their work load. In fact it was the final album to feature guitarist Robbin Crosby who would leave due to much publicized personal problems.


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