THE POGUES, If I Should Fall From Grace With God, LP

A friend back in San Diego introduced me to the Pogues music about five years ago and this was the album that made me a fan. Straightaway, a sonic riot comes at you with a relentless energy. You can just picture this scene in a pub: fists and chairs flying, glasses breaking, and pool cues swinging while Shane MacGowan and Company are on stage lustily urging every one on.
My favorites are the manic title cut and the even more maniacal Fiesta. Pour in the bittersweet Fairytale of New York, stir in the strident and pointed anti-British politics of Medley and Streets of Sorrow/Birmingham Six, then shake in the majesty of The Broad Majestic Shannon and you have yourself one heady brew of an album. The rest of the songs add the necessary froth.  I heartily recommend this to anyone who likes quality, high-energy music with an Irish edge.


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