N8NOFACE, Bound To Let You Down, LP

The Eyeball Records debut release from N8Noface featuring the tracks Spray, Y So Serio and She Wants Me Clean.

Go Back Inside 0:44
Boy Boy 1:04
Dead Is Dead 0:52
Y So Serio 1:29
She Wants Me Clean 0:38
Tonight Satay 0:59
Felt You 1:15
Someday Maybe 1:01
The Dead We Leave 1:25
I Don’t Know How 0:59
You Said Stay 1:00
Elisa 0:56
Spray 1:17
Already Hate Your Next BF 1:29
Never Done Dying 1:03
Can’t Take No More 0:54
On the Run 0:57
Self Sabotage 0:46
Hurting You 0:58
Not a Good Look for Love 0:57


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