ICE CUBE War & Peace Vol. 1 The War Disc

A1 Ask About Me 3:06A2 Pushin’ Weight 4:35A3 Dr. Frankenstein 4:54A4 **** Dying 4:03B1 War & Peace 3:18B2 Ghetto Vet 5:05B3 Greed 4:29B4 MP 0:49B5 Cash Over *** 4:21C1 The Curse Of Money 3:39C2 The Peckin’ Order 3:21C3 Limos, Demos & Bimbos 3:51C4 Once Upon A Time In The Projects 2 3:05C5 If I Was ******’ You 3:28D1 X-******* 4:59D2 Extradition 4:38D3 3 Strikes You In 4:34D4 Penitentiary 4:12


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