Coming October 11th: the debut solo record from Kim Gordon. With a career spanning nearly four decades, Kim Gordon is one of the most prolific and visionary artists working today. A co-founder of the legendary Sonic Youth, Gordon has performed all over the world, collaborating with many of musics most exciting figures including Tony Conrad, Ikue Mori, Julie Cafritz and Stephen Malkmus. Most recently, Gordon has been hitting the road with Body/Head, her spellbinding partnership with artist and musician Bill Nace. Despite the exhaustive nature of her rsum, the most reliable aspect of Gordons music may be its resistance to formula. Songs discover themselves as they unspool, each one performing a test of the mediums possibilities and limits. Her command is astonishing, but Gordons artistic curiosity remains the guiding force behind her music. It makes sense that this American idea (as Gordon says on the agitated rock track Air BnB) of purchasing utopia permeates the record, as no place is this phenomenon more apparent than Los Angeles, where Gordon was born and recently returned to after several lifetimes on the east coast. It was a move precipitated by a number of seismic shifts in her personal life and undoubtedly plays a role in No Home Records fascination with transience. The album opens with the restless Sketch Artist, where Gordon sings about dreaming in a tent as the music shutters and skips like scenery through a car window. Even Earthquake, perhaps the records most straightforward track embodies this mood; Gordons voice wavering like watercolor: If I could cry and shake for you / Id lay awake for you / I got sand in my heart for you, guitar strokes blending into one another as they bleed out across an unstable page. Front to back, No Home Record is an expert operation in the uncanny. You dont simply listen to Gordons music; you experience it.


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