GATECREEPER, An Unexpected Reality, LP

In a world of announcements of announcements, Gatecreeper are firing no warning shots before dropping their new release. I think the social media environment has just fried our attention spans, vocalist Chase Mason says. Trying to hold someone’s attention for two or three months with a typical album roll-out doesn’t seem feasible with everything else currently going on in the world. That’s not the only reason An Unexpected Reality comes with no pre-release hype whatsoever. Its meant to be listened to as a whole, so we didn’t wanna break it up or release a couple songs ahead of time as singles or whatever, Mason clarifies. We also didn’t wanna treat it like its our next full-length. Because its not. Written, recorded and now released during the * pandemic, An Unexpected Reality is Gatecreeper like you’ve never heard them before. Exploring both ends of the tempo spectrum, the release offers two opposing sides of the bands musical personality. Side one consists of seven short, sharp shocks that have a total running time of less than seven minutes. Inspired by grind, punk and hardcore, tracks like Starved, Rusted Gold and Amputation are some of the fastest offerings the Arizona death metal squad has ever recorded. Side two is the exact opposite. Consisting of a single 11-minute track entitled Emptiness, this is Gatecreeper at their slowest and most funereal. Think of it as an extended version of the death-doom tracks that the band closed out Sonoran Depravation and Deserted with. I’ve had the idea to do a record like this for a while, Mason offers. In 2020 we were supposed to be touring all year. Once everything got cancelled, we decided it was the perfect time to turn this idea into a reality. When Gatecreeper were getting into writing mode for An Unexpected Reality, Mason brought a new list of influences to the table, ranging from grindcore and Scandanavian hardcore to funeral doom and black = metal.


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